Despite the conception that people are hunkering down and staying glued to their home, 2021 is actually posed to be a great year for home sales. People have grown bored with their homes or have come to realize that the homes they currently live in won’t support them for another few years. Now, as house sales rise, there are several trends which are emerging within the market. Here’s a brief guide to the things people are looking for in their new homes for this year and the next few.

Letting In The Light

Light is essential in the homes that are being built and sold nowadays. People are buying and installing new doors made of steel and glass, as well as installing new windows and skylights which provide substantially more light than would have just ten years ago.

The focus is specifically on layering their lighting, allowing themselves to bathe in the warm afternoon sun or catch some rays from their bedroom or kitchen. Artificial light is also being used more often, as people are looking for unique and fun styles of lamps and other lighting décor. No matter the region or age group, people everywhere are looking for more light during these dreary times.

Combining Traditional And Modern Tastes

In the past, people were usually one dimensional when they chose either a modern or vintage aesthetic. Now, however, these two styles (vintage and modern) are being combined to create something totally new and fresh.

Matching furniture and materials is not as important to millennials as it was to past generations, as many different facets and fixtures in the home are being bought and combined to become more than the sum of their parts. Creative and unique fixtures are all the rage these days, as is furniture and other materials made of high quality. Longevity and individual tastes seem to currently be driving the market.

Working From Home

Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty of the Covid-19, people are using their homes for more than just a relaxing space. Working from home has exploded in the last several months as people try to fight the Coronavirus, meaning the home must be adapted to provide more traditional office feelings.

Many modern homes are multi-purpose, and more space is being used for practical and pragmatic means. The office is no longer relegated to just one room, but visible and present in the house entire. Making the home both comfortable and productive is tough, but people are doing all they can to feel both at home and comfortable working from the confines of their house.

Natural Material And Tropical Tones

As far as the aesthetics of the home go, millennials (and other buyers) are heading toward lighter materials and lighter, more tropical colors. Trend-experts have postulated that the need for simpler times and a “joyous” feeling in the home are leading many to choose this tropical palette, and the natural materials being chosen for homes today lead to a warmer and more natural aura of peace and relaxation when possible. Either way, natural materials and tropical colors are the order of the day.

Optimizing For Zoom

Finally, people all over the country need to use their house as virtual meeting sites. When professionals enter a Zoom chat, they want to feel as formal and presentable as possible, and there are a few ways they do this. First, the lighting in the rooms where Zoom is used is soft and respectable; there are harsh shadows or angles present.

Secondly, the backgrounds of these rooms is adorned with books and other artwork to give the perception of a more refined taste. Bare walls are boring and distracting from those trying to pay attention, so people are adding some light “pizzaz” to their surroundings in the room where they usually take their virtual meetings. It’s just one of many ways people are adapting to the pandemic.

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