So, you’ve decided to build your custom home but can’t figure out the design style to choose from. Well, the best thing about custom homes is actually the design that you can craft entirely as per your lifestyle and routine. Your unique personality and style preferences should reflect in the entire architecture.

But when it comes to décor, it’s pretty difficult to satisfy the needs of all loved ones. That’s the best time to embark on your very own personalized features that perfectly match your desires and requirements. A lot of homeowners, at this stage, try to chase down the trendy designs and features that are always evolving and changing by each passing day.

A home build after such trendy designs will look dated only a few years after they’ve been built. So, while you’re investing in your custom home, it’s best to go for timeless custom home designs that not only stand the test of time but are also going to look new and amazing decades after.

Feeling intrigued? Let’s explore some of the best timeless custom home designs to choose from:

Timeless custom home designs

Craftsman custom home designs

If you love house fronts and exteriors featuring natural building materials like wood or stone; this timeless custom home design is best suited. You’ll love the use of simple designs with natural materials. Like its name, it encourages the use of traditional materials and the handicraft of local workmanship. The design includes low-pitched roofs with overhanging decorative eaves, generous porches, triangular brackets, and exposed beams with open floor plan. The popular colors in such homes include earth tone shades of green, brown, or taupe.

Mediterranean custom home designs

In the case of Mediterranean custom home design, you’ll get a red-tiled roof with open style large windows and doors. It includes stone details, iron, and metalwork on windows, over front doors, ponds, and pools. Mediterranean house is best for those who appreciate a simple, yet elegant space. In Mediterranean styles, you get Italian, Spanish, and modern style variations. This type of timeless design is best for warmer climates.


Traditional design

Traditional timeless home design is the most common of all and ever-popular. It typically includes an amalgam of classic and simple designs featuring ornamentation, simple rooflines, and symmetrically spaced windows. These traditional designs are predictable, yet cozy and comfortable at the same time. Such home designs include traditional building materials like brick, wood, plaster, stucco, and stone.

Coastal contemporary

These are unique designs that have lots of customization options. It usually includes open and casual floor plan layouts utilizing massive walls of pocketing glass. Featuring clean lines and natural material textures, it’s perfect if you want bright and airy art-gallery type looks. It’s developed in the latter half of the 20th century. The interiors in such designs include neutral elements with bold colors.

Time to call experts

Still, confused? Don’t worry, you can convey your requirements to us and we’ll help you out with the choosing aspect. We’ve hands-on experience in working for a number of timeless custom home designs. We’ll guide you in picking up the right materials and the right designs to work best for your very own lifestyle.

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