The Best Time to Plan a Custom Home Build

If you’re planning a custom home build, one of the biggest factors you’ll need to consider is when to get started. In almost all scenarios, completing a build as quickly as possible is preferable. But can you really control how quickly your home can be constructed? And is there such thing as a “best time” to build your custom home?

Many people agree that springtime is the ideal time of year to get started with a home build. With better weather, longer working days, and the opportunity to plan over the winter, there’s certainly an appeal to a springtime start. But that’s not to say it’s for everyone.

Here are several factors worth considering when deciding on the best time to plan a custom home build:

Seasonal weather in build location

You might plan to build a custom home in a location you’re not too familiar with, in which case, you’ll want to seek knowledge on the seasonal weather in your planned build’s location. If possible, you should avoid scheduling a build for an excessively rainy period, as this will slow down the process. Icy temperatures and fewer daylight hours also make construction work significantly more difficult, so schedule your build around cold winter seasons when possible.

Length of the project

A larger project will almost always take longer to complete than a smaller one. You’ll also need to factor in time for sourcing exclusive materials from around the world, and external factors, like the weather, which may slow down a build time. If you estimate your project will take just short of a year to complete, you’re best starting just after the harsher winter has passed, with the goal of finishing by fall.

Costs of labour & materials

It’s standard for a custom home’s builders, planners, designers and architects to source out the most unique, high quality materials for your luxury build – and these are always going to come at a higher price than a common alternative. But the time of the year can affect pricing depending on demand for materials and labour. If you want to avoid peak luxury prices, avoid peak demand.

Your preferred move in date

If you have a specific date in mind that you would prefer to move into your new home by, you’ll need to schedule in enough time for your custom build to be completed by then. If you’re more flexible on your move in date, this is a less important factor for you to consider.

Planning time

Sticking to any sort of construction schedule for your custom home build is only possible if you avoid time-wasting. While planning should be thorough, if you have a desired project completion date in mind, don’t let planning stretch on for so long that there’s a frantic rush to get the build finalized on time. If you’re hoping to get started on your build in spring, start planning at the very beginning of winter. Make sure everything is finalised and ready to go mid-winter.

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