So, while you’re considering moving to South Florida; you must not just think about beaches and golf clubs. You need to dig deeper to learn the true characteristics and realities of living in South Florida.

After moving to South Florida you can easily spend every day on the beach. South Florida is known for its miles of gorgeous plentiful beaches, acres of natural preserves, a bountiful array of diverse wildlife, and beautiful year-round weather every day. But above all, it has more natural beauty than it knows what to do with.

This sunshine state has many cities with unique areas and diverse kinds of environments. There are rural enclaves, family-friendly subdivisions, urban hipster hot spots, and beach towns. But while you’re weighing up the options for deciding on your next home in South Florida, you need to consider relative advantages and disadvantages.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry; we’ve embarked on some research to help you find the best places to live in South Florida.

Pros of Moving to South Florida

Lots of sunshine

The days are more just being pleasant. You can plan and enjoy outdoor events and activities as it is hot and sunny most days in Florida.

Enjoy Outdoor Sports

South Florida provides you just the best weather to enjoy outdoor sports like golf and tennis. There are plentiful high-quality facilities and you can play pretty much all year round.

The warm weather and scenery around are perfect for sailing, diving, swimming, and surfing.

No State Income Tax

If you’re like those who just hate taxes – South Florida is a place to move. You just have to worry about the Federal imposed taxes as there is no state income tax imposed.

Entertainment Options

Being in South Florida, you can enjoy world-class beaches and state parks to enjoy. Even if you live inland, the coast is never far away. You can venture out to the beaches and come back home the same day.

Besides, there are a lot number of theme parks, Disney, Universal Studios, and other recreational venues for you and your whole family. If you love nature and animals, South Florida has a lot to offer. There are nature trails, springs, rivers, and several lakes to explore. Moreover, there are plenty of interesting and exotic animal lives.

Winter is pleasant rather than harsh

The winters here in South Florida are generally lovely and pleasing. You don’t have to get under thick layers every time you venture outside. Similarly, you don’t always have to scrape ice off your car windows.

Low Cost of living

Besides a great many adventures, the cost of living here in much of the state is relatively low.

The Bottom Line

South Florida, without a doubt, is a pretty attractive state, not only for Americans but also to the people from all around the world. It’s a nice place with an amalgam of so many cultures and colors. You can enjoy the colorful nightlife in Miami, and gorgeous natural scenery in the Everglades. Come enjoy the lifestyle of South Florida!

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