As always, luxury real estate trends differ from year to year. For 2021, here are some trends in the real estate industry to keep an eye out for. From outdoor spaces to technology, let’s take a look at emerging trends in luxury real estate.

Outdoor Spaces –

Homes with stunning outdoor spaces have become increasingly popular in 2021. Having a functional and stylish outdoor space is perfect for both the homeowners’ enjoyment and for holding events/entertaining in warmer weather. Covered outdoor patio spaces are trending, especially those that come with summer kitchens. This makes entertaining a breeze- and keeps guests comfortable in extreme temperatures. Even better, outdoor spaces that feature waterfront views are highly desirable in the current luxury real estate market.

Amenities –

Homeowners are beginning to pay extra attention to important home features, such as air filtration systems. Homes that come equipped with these types of air filtration systems are attractive in 2021 due to the increased ability to clean the air we breathe. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners are increasingly aware of their personal and respiratory health. Air filtration systems are a plus because the technology can filter out harmful bacteria, viruses, etc. from the air you breathe in your home.

New Construction –

While new construction has always been popular, we anticipate this luxury real estate trend to stay around for a while. Newly built homes are in high demand as they allow a homeowner to customize their own home needs and work off a blank canvas. Many new construction homes come with attractive features that older homes may not have, based on the year they were built. For example, home offices provide a great working environment to support the increase in work-from-home jobs. As previously mentioned in #2, newly built homes also come equipped with higher quality air filtration systems too. Other new technologies, such as “smart” and touchless technologies make new construction an attractive luxury real estate trend in 2021.

Kitchens –

In luxury homes, kitchens are a make or break room for many homebuyers. A kitchen is not only important for those who like to cook and entertain, but it is also the center of many people’s homes that they tend to gather in most often. While specific kitchen styles may come and go, spacious and modern kitchens are timeless and always desirable in the luxury real estate market. Kitchens, featuring new technology appliances, are increasingly attractive in the 2021 luxury real estate market and we anticipate this will stay as we move into 2022.

Technology –

New and updated technology does not just apply to kitchens. The luxury real estate industry has placed an increased focus on homes with new and updated technologies throughout the entire home. This includes digital and adjustable thermostats, adjustable lighting, home security cameras, and many other new and upcoming technologies. These technologies that can connect via bluetooth or WiFi are attractive as they can be accessed from anywhere– even when you are not in or near your home. These features can improve the security of your home as well as make day-to-day life so much easier

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