Luxury Home Maintenance and Upkeep Tips

There is no sight more visually appealing than a new luxury home. Custom-built with the highest-quality materials, your brand-new home is nothing short of breath-taking. But what happens when it starts to succumb to the wear-and-tear of daily living? Is it possible to keep your luxury home to an exceptional standard even while subjecting it to your day to day activities?

Yes, of course you can – but it’ll take some effort on your part. You’re probably already committed; you knew that building a customized luxury home would entail the appropriate level of maintenance and upkeep going forward into the future. But if you’re unfamiliar with the best methods of doing so, we’ve covered all you need to know in the points below:

  1. Take location into account

No matter where in Florida your luxury home is based, you’ll need to consider how your specific location may affect your home’s upkeep requirements. Homes along the coast and the Intracoastal Waterway, for example, will be more susceptible to damage from salt and sand, and may take a harder hit from tropical weather. Factor in your surrounding environment when deciding on specific maintenance techniques for your home.

  1. Take a “little and often” approach

It’s far easier to keep up with a maintenance task when you’re approaching it regularly. Let’s use the bathroom as an example – it’s so much smaller a task to wipe down surfaces with disinfectant spray on a daily basis than leaving dirt and grime to build up over several days or weeks. The same goes for the external elements of your luxury home. Wash your windows, gutters and driveway regularly. Take your responsibilities seriously and you’ll get the best out of every task.

  1. Take a minimalistic stance

The beauty of a brand-new luxury home is the distinct lack of clutter taking up an internal space. In order to appreciate your home’s interior architectural features, you’re best avoiding clutter as much as possible. Store anything that isn’t intended for showcasing purposes out of sight and be strict with your organization to keep your surfaces protected and damage-free.

  1. Make a homeowner’s maintenance checklist

The easiest way to ensure you keep your new luxury home in perfect condition is to create your own homeowner’s maintenance checklist. You can split this list into several categories: jobs that need to be completed once-monthly, those that you should carry out once a year, jobs that only need doing in the winter, spring cleaning duties, and even tasks that only need doing every five to ten years. Keep your checklist in a safe space and make diary reminders to check it at the beginning of each week.

  1. Consider outsourcing household jobs

If you simply don’t think you’ve got the perseverance to maintain your home to the highest quality, your best solution might be to hire out a professional for the job. Gardeners and cleaners can help to keep your home’s interior and exterior spotless and prevent smaller cases of wear and tear from accumulating into less manageable issues.

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