Luxury Home – Buying vs Building

So, you are well into your house hunt and are wondering whether to buy a new home that’s already finished or build one from the ground up.  A home purchase is arguably the single largest investment that a person makes during their lifetime.

There are a host of factors that play a part while shaping your decision in this classic conundrum. If this is your first purchase, things can seem overwhelming.  Maybe buying a house seems a bit expensive while building one seems like an intimidating roller coaster.

The home building process can be easier than expected, so before enthusiasm gets the better of you; try to finalize a wish list and a wants list. A wish list includes things that you want to have, and the wants list includes features you’d like to have but could do without if necessary.

Below in this, we’d be going through the positives and negatives of both the paths that’ll help you in deciding your way in the process.

Feeling intrigued? Let’s get started.

Building your Custom Luxury Home

If you want to build your own custom luxury home, you will need to do some research to make sure you are making all the right choices in the building process.

Lot selection – you have options in choosing the type of home and the lot location. You will need to begin searching for a lot that fits your needs and wants.  At Marc Julien Homes, we assist with all stages of custom home building, including finding the right lot for your home.

Customization is another advantage of building a custom home.  You can customize your floor plans to fit into your family lifestyle. The floor plan is the heart of every home that defines the interior as well as exterior looks. You will get to personalize the details of your house – from the layout, cabinets, flooring, lighting, paint colors, and even the doorknobs.

Newly built homes are designed to be more livable. With modern construction materials and finishes, they are more comfortable and are energy-efficient. With green appliances – from dishwashers, ranges, ovens, and microwaves.

You will not have to worry about big repairs right away when building a new home – at least for the first few years. Even if something goes wrong, at Marc Julien Homes we offer a comprehensive warranty for the first year.

One of the biggest concerns of building a custom luxury home is construction time.  On average, it takes almost one year to construct a new build. Rest assured, at Marc Julien Homes, we seamlessly and professional stand by all our time commitments.


Buying your luxury home

If you’re on a tight schedule and are planning to move to your new home in a month or two – buying is the way to go.  A real estate agent can help streamline the process.

From a cost perspective, buying an existing home may be cheaper than building a new one. But it depends on several factors, especially which real-estate market are you dealing in. But overall, there are fewer decisions you must worry about which makes purchasing an existing home an appealing choice for some buyers.

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