So, you’re pretty interested in knowing what it is like living in South Florida. Yes, you’ll enjoy a lot on those awesome beaches and nightclubs but at the end of the day, you’re not just here for spending holidays.

Well, living in the Sunshine State does come with its own set of pros and lesser-known cons. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve done the hard part for you. Here’s our guide about the things you’ll probably learn when you start living in South Florida.

South Florida – the Sunshine State

Do you know, every month, tens of thousands of people move to South Florida? There are plenty out there who just came to visit and never left! It’s because of the quality living here in South Florida.

It’s is a fantastic place to live for a plethora of reasons. It has those incredible white sand beaches, unique wildlife, countless tourist attractions, and amazing sunshine. Clear skies, cultural diversity, and good food; what’s not to love?

How’s the Weather?

If you’re among those who just hate cold winters and don’t want to get cooped up with stir-crazy kids inside. Cheer up! South Florida can give you amazing sunny winters, besides being a bit cooler. So, you can enjoy your amazing breakfast coffee outside in the morning or step outside to walk around the beach and take stroll.

Love being solar energized? Good luck because you’re going to fall in love with South Florida as the big bright blue sky and that shiny sun will cheer you up.

Breathtaking Natural Scenery

Besides pleasant weather, the state’s beauty is just awesome. The state provides you many unspoiled beauty spots beyond the beaches. While living in South Florida, you can enjoy back roads and scenic drives. Although you won’t have mountains here, Florida still has scenery that is worth viewing through your sunglasses. Florida is a diverse and breathtaking state with pine forests, palmetto palm, wildflowers, deer moss, coastal dune lakes, wild blackberries, and rosemary.

How about Taxes here?

Here in Florida, you’ll get about half of the property tax of what it is in Chicago. Besides lower sales tax, there’s no state tax. Yeah! In Illinois, it is 3.75% whereas in California it can go up to 13%, so know that you can pocket your college savings here.

People – Culture – and Food

Are you worried about being a newcomer in a new place? Don’t worry, it’s even much easier here to make new friends. One big reason is that almost everyone here is from somewhere else. Being in a newer community, everyone out there is looking to make new connections. Hence, whenever you go out, a very common first question is “where are you from?” So, unlike other states where people have lived in the same town from generations and generations, it’s way easier here to make new friends.

Well, about food, you’re going to get seriously special stuff. The fresh seafood is just amazing. Snapper, flounder, grouper, oysters, and don’t forget – the best shrimp in the world!

Wild Life

Florida is a home of nearly 500 native species as well dozens of established exotics. You’ll see otters, opossums, manatees, fox squirrels, deer, key deer, bear, bald eagles, hawks, turtles, snakes, sharks, jellyfish and almost all kind of fish. And yes that little lizard darting out everywhere!

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