Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous industries around the world are struggling. However, in many locations the real estate market is thriving.

One of those areas is South Florida. Real estate in South Florida is on the rise. People are taking advantage of their new remote-worker status to leave the hustle and bustle of the Northeast for the slower, simpler pace of the south. This has created a seller’s market for people in South Florida, although there are abundant options for buyers to find a great deal on a luxury home.

Many families are leaving cities as opportunities arise, packing up and healing down to South Florida. The area happens to be one of those desired destinations that people dream of moving to some day. However, their ability to fulfill those dreams increased during the pandemic, accelerating South Florida home-buying at a rapid rate.


Sellers in South Florida are in great shape as people are flocking there, away from their Northern cities. Listed homes are selling for or above the asking price, and sellers are finding they have no need to lower their price. Buyers are eagerly searching for homes to buy and sellers aren’t having to wait long before their home receives an offer.


While the housing market in South Florida is working for sellers currently, there are still many benefits for buyers. Low interest rates are enabling buyers to purchase their dream home instead of settling for homes at a lower cost. These low interest rates make it possible for buyers to get more in a home than they normally would.


When looking for a home to purchase in South Florida it’s important to get a pre-approval before heading out to view houses. Due to the pandemic, banks are becoming more strict when it comes to lending, making it more difficult for buyers to receive a loan. No buyer wants to find their dream home only to have it torn away because they can’t gain financing approval.

Buyers will also want to ask a few different lenders for approval and interest rate in order to compare and go with the best choice. After buyers have chosen a lender, they’ll want to find a local real estate company to help them find the best home for their needs.

Agents are skilled in finding the best home for their clients and are also very knowledgeable about the areas they serve. Buyers who are moving to South Florida from a Northern location will need the expertise of a real estate agent who knows the area. These agents can provide school information, community information, and even night-life information, enabling them to choose a home in the area that best serves their wants.

An experienced agent will help buyers through the home-buying process as they begin their move to South Florida. Buyers can rest assured they’re needs are in great hands as they begin their search for their South Florida dream home.

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