How to Minimize Clutter in Your New Luxury Home

The concept of clutter is something we’re all too familiar with. Nobody likes it, and yet it seems to build up of its own accord when our backs are turned, until our once showhome-esque interiors more closely resemble a college frat house.

If you’re in the planning and development stages for your new luxury home, you’ve probably reached the point of deciding which of your currently owned possessions you want to take with you on moving day.

It’s easy to see the attraction of living a simple life – and there’s no denying that a clutter-free home is far more visually appealing than a messy one. In fact, cluttering up a luxury home has the power to turn a breath-taking interior into one that’s downright ugly.

If you’re desperate to learn the art of decluttering before you move into your new luxury property, follow these 5 simple-yet-effective tips below:

    1. Divide what you want from what you need

Make a list of all the possessions you plan to take with you to your new luxury home. Now imagine that you’re moving across to the other side of the world for six months, and you can only take a suitcase-full of possessions with you. What would you take? And what could you leave behind back at home? Chances are, those things you’d be prepared to part with for six months aren’t necessary for daily living. If you don’t need it or love it, give it the chop.

   2. Consider storage

If your new luxury home build is still in the planning process, now’s your time to consider built-in storage. The more hidden storage spaces you have around your home, the fewer knick-knack items you’ll need to leave out on display – or worse, piling up in a temporary plastic storage box in the corner of your bedroom. Focus particularly on storage space for your kitchen, bathroom, living area and bedrooms.

   3. Pay a visit to your new home

As soon as it’s safe to do so, pay a visit to your new luxury home build and take a look at the interiors. You’ll most likely be blown away by the power of minimalist décor – and if that’s not enough motivation for you to minimize your clutter, nothing is. Try to imagine your old possessions in your new home. If there’s no place for them, gracefully say your goodbyes.

   4. Set yourself a moving challenge

Moving into a luxury home is going to take work, and cost a fair bit of money. Schedule your moving arrangements in advance and set yourself specific targets for the move. Perhaps you only want to take one or two van’s worth of possessions with you to your new home, or maybe you don’t want the moving process to take more than a pre-determined number of hours.

   5. Have a place for everything

Leaving things sitting out on side spaces is the easy option, but it’s a sure-fire way to create clutter. Make a plan for storing your belongings in your new home in advance. If you don’t have a place for it, don’t take it at all.

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