The home office was once a luxury for a select few, but advancements in technology have helped it become a way of life for more people than ever before.Are you joining the ranks of the work-at-home professionals? While working from home provides extraordinary flexibility, creating a functional home office space that eliminates distraction and separates work life from home life is essential.As you think about your own work-from-home situation, you’ll need to keep several things in mind to ensure your home office is an organized, productive, and stress-free space.


You might have the luxury of choosing an entire room — or even a separate building on your property — for your home office, or you may need to use a small portion of a room. The great news is either can work! Even small spaces can be suitable for home offices if you take the time to plan them well. As you think about the optimal location for your home office, consider the following elements:
●      The lighting. Natural light can be incredibly helpful, but if you choose to set up near a window, make sure you avoid a glare on your computer screen. Choose the proper window treatments to give you maximum control over the light coming into your space, and angle your computer on your desk so there’s no glare.
●      Your technological needs. Do you have plenty of power outlets and a way to safely run your cables to your desk? Is your Wi-Fi signal strong in your preferred location?
●      Your working style. Do you need complete solitude and quiet? Or do you have small children you need to keep an eye on throughout your workday?
●      Distractions. Try to arrange your workspace in a location where you aren’t constantly reminded of housework in your line of vision.


Now that you’ve chosen your location, it’s time to set it up. A quality desk and an ergonomic chair may be at the top of your list, but it’s just as important to make sure your organization and storage solutions work for your lifestyle. Designers recommend having plenty of closed storage in your home office so that at the end of the workday, it’s easier for you to make the mental transition to being at home. This might mean you need a filing cabinet or a closet or cupboard, or perhaps baskets on shelves are ideal for your daily tasks. As you make your storage and organization plan, consider how often you use small appliances like printers and document shredders. Do you need them to be easily accessible, or does it work better for you to have them out of sight?


Just like any other room in your home, your home office should be accessorized in a way that brings you joy. Leave room in your planning for art and objects that enhance the look of your space. Plants can be an excellent addition to your home office. Besides reducing stress, designers say plants can keep your workstation looking and feeling fresh.


When you’re working from home, setting boundaries is important in both space and time. You’ve taught your family to respect your workspace as an office, but do you do the same? Don’t get household bills or the kids’ schoolwork mixed into your workspace. Likewise, keep “work time” separate as much as possible. Checking your social media while in your home office can be a time suck that drains your productivity. Structuring your schedule strictly with office hours, breaks, and lunch can be vital to your work-at-home productivity. You may even find an energizing candle can be useful in giving your home office its own aroma and enhance the distinction between home and office. A beautifully designed home office that’s tailored to your working style is essential to your productivity and professional satisfaction. At Marc Julien Homes, our homes can help provide you the ideal space, designed around your individual needs, to stimulate your creativity and enhance your quality of life. Contact us to get started.

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