If you are a wine lover, chances are you will want to consider building a custom wine storage feature in your new luxury home. Here are the most important things to consider when it comes to building your custom wine storage.

Controlling the climate is one of the most important parts of wine storage.
Wine hates heat and anything above 70 degrees Fahrenheit can actually damage your wine. This makes cool climate control a critical part when planning and designing your wine storage space. Controlling the temperature and the humidity of your wine storage area will ensure that your wine will age properly and stay delicious. Refrigeration systems are available in a variety of options and some are even equipped with thermostats that can be controlled remotely. Proper humidity levels prevent corks from drying out and prevents oxygen from seeping into your wine bottles. When oxygen gets into wine, it makes it taste nasty.

Insulation is another key element to consider when building your custom wine storage area. Insulation is necessary to keep mold and bacteria out of your wine area and your wine. Proper insulation will ensure that your wine is kept in a cool and humid-controlled area.

Wine bottles should be stored on their sides. This keeps the cork wet which prevents the cork from drying out and shrinking. Dry corks can allow oxygen to seep in, which, as we already mentioned, wreaks havoc on your vino.

BENEFITS OF HAVING A WINE STORAGE AREA AT HOME                                                                                                                 
•   Keep your wine from going bad
•   Protects your wine from vibrations. Studies have shown that a vibration-filled environment can reduce the quality of a wine in as fast as 18 months. One of the benefits of a wine cellar is that it protects your wines from vibrations that are produced by machinery or movement. Once you lay a bottle down in storage, it should not be moved again until you are ready to open it.
•   Helps you organize and easily access your collection
•   Saves you money. When you have a big space to store wine, you can start buying wine in bulk and taking advantage of bulk discounts. Well worth the investment, in our opinion!No matter what kind of wine storage area you are dreaming up, we would love to chat with you and help you design a customized place to keep your wine cool and fresh.

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