Whether you are looking to build your next custom luxury home, or you are going to buy your next sanctuary, you must know the importance of front elevation design. What does it mean to a luxury home? And why should you give it due importance?

It is without a doubt that the front elevation is an important aspect of your custom home design. It’s the first impression your home gives. Your front elevation should enhance the street appeal, as a well-designed front elevation can increase the property value.

Your luxury home design comprises of two important metrics – a floor plan and the front elevation. For new home buyers, front elevation design is the first consideration in the buying process –how the home looks from the outside.

So, let’s explore how the front elevation design of your new luxury home should be.

Front Elevation Design – What & Why?

Architects design luxury homes and communicate their plans with a floor plan and a front elevation. The front design of a home is a significant design element that is used to plan the layout and style.

The front elevation of a luxury custom home is more than mere straight lines and a minimalist design approach. It not only has to be relevant and state-of-the-art, but it also has to be technology driven. The front elevation design for luxury home includes excessive use of glass to take benefit from natural lighting and open space for fresh air.

How To Decide Your Desired Front Elevation?

The front elevation of your home should look similar in style to other homes in the area, but it’s not always mandatory. You can follow trendy and popular designs, but at the end of the day it must be tailored to a specific style you desire.

Besides complementing the surrounding neighborhood, the front elevation must be distinctive and pleasing to the eye. You should be closely involved your architect in designing the front elevation. You will have to make decisions like features, materials, theme, color, and balance in the overall shape of the house.

As a starter, you can browse online on platforms like Houzz and Pinterest to brainstorm various design ideas and types. You first have to choose the architectural style. You may choose to have traditional style, contemporary, Key West, country, etc.

After choosing the architectural style, you can pick up materials and colors for cladding and wall coverings. That’s where technology can be handy. You can receive assistance from a 3D rendering software to help you visualize how your design would look before it takes any physical form. You can also receive help from your friends and neighbors to get an honest answer about the look of your new luxury home.

The Bottom Line

The front elevation design of your luxury custom home is important for a host of reasons, and with many different factors to consider, you should take your time while planning and determining the best style.

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