Your home is that special place in which you and your most-loved family members are going to live. It must be a happy place that should be affordable and fit your lifestyle.

It is no doubt in saying that the builder is the one who puts up the structure for your custom home, but many out there do not fully understand the important role of the architect. An architect takes all hopes and dreams for your new custom home and turn them into something remarkable.

An architect is an educated specialized individual or firm that knows all systems involved in constructing your home. A reputable architect has a vast technical knowledge of designing all aspects and utilities of your home including electrical and HVAC design. They fully understand the overall construction process including site management as well as green construction practices.

So, let’s explore some other important roles of an architect in building you a dream custom home:

Complete Design Development 

One of the most important roles of an architect in custom home building, is complete design development. It is their basic job to take the client’s needs and wants then transform all into a workable design. The architect will make sure that the aesthetic concept of design is fully met and also that the design fully complies with the city regulations.

The architect will visit the building site and consider the neighboring homes, site restrictions, and character of the landscape. After completing the preliminary design the architect will provide concept sketches with details on a larger scale for the buyer to review and approve.

Providing Construction Documents and Blueprints 

Once the design development is completed and you’re fully satisfied with it, the architect will prepare the construction documents and plans. This will include a site plan, foundation plan, floor plan, elevations, framing details, interior elevations, utility drawings, and specifications for materials.

Implementation of Design Intent and Requirements

Besides designing and preparing blueprints, the architects are also involved in construction to make sure the actual construction follows the design guidelines and requirements. They are available at the site to builders in case they are having some technical difficulties in implementing design and if there’s a need for a design change.

Compliance with Local Building Codes/Requirements

Architects are fully involved in guiding you through the requirements of local building codes. They’ll not only incorporate these mandated requirements in the design but will also guide you about how to proceed with your project without involving in any violation.

Evaluating the Suitability of Available Land 

If you’re having difficulty in selecting the appropriate land for your custom home, an architect can give you good insight. Depending on what you want to achieve with your property, he or she can evaluate a lot’s potential and convey any problems that may arise or may require a compromise/change in design.

Finalizing the Home’s Requirements

A lot of homeowners already have their written requirements of the home, including the number of rooms required, size, orientation, and layout. But you may have some special requirements that are difficult to accommodate. In such a case, an architect can offer suggestions regarding possible options.

The Bottom Line

So, you see an architect is a person who is always on your side. He or she can act on your behalf to make sure you get what you want out of your new custom home. If you’re looking for a reputable architect in your area, please contact us, we’ve got a team with hands-on experience in handling custom home building.

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