The excitement of building your own custom home is an experience of a lifetime. Planning out the look, feel, and content of your home is bound to be an exhilarating task that may have its fair share of roadblocks here and there. A blank canvas can be daunting, after all, which is why we sometimes need jolts towards inspiration and ideas. So whether you think your current home plan seems bland and boring, or if you’re looking for a way to spice up your designs, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few amazing features you can consider to include in your custom home.

High Ceilings

Adding a few extra feet to your walls can make all the difference in one’s perception of space. High ceilings are often linked to luxurious spaces, so if you want certain parts of your home to look huge with an added touch of luxury, investing in high ceilings is definitely worth it.

Walk-in Closets

A nifty room to store your clothes and accessories, walk-in closets are any garment-collectors’ pride and joy. Some homeowners love to add a dressing room functionality into their walk-in closets as well, so they can fully prepare for their day in the comfort of these spaces.

Central Vacuum System

Opting for a central vacuum system is a good investment in the long run if you hate lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner. A central vacuum system is basically a dirt collection container that is linked to select walls of your household. Simply attach a vacuum tube to a portal on one of your walls and voila, you have a vacuum cleaner without the hassle.

Master Bathroom

You’ve heard of the Master Bedroom, but have you heard of the Master Bathroom? These huge spa-style bathrooms are usually designed with the intent of having their owners relax and “get away from it all”, all in the comfort of their own homes.

Walk-in Shower

Another bathroom-themed feature, a walk-in shower consists of a spacious shower room with full-body shower jets programmed with the perfect amount of water pressure, all created for maximum cleansing and relaxation.

Built-in Smart Home Features

Adding smart home appliances and fixtures can turn your custom house into an advanced and future proof abode. Devices such as ones that provide smart heating and smart cooling, modern security systems, and smart smoke detection can heighten the comfort you experience in your own home.

Secret Room

Another super cool consideration would be adding a secret room to your home. It’s not like you have too many secrets, or something like that! Sometimes, people just need their privacy– be it for keeping your own private collection of trinkets, or for giving you some quiet time without having to drive to a distant sanctuary, a secret room should definitely be on the list of rooms to add in your custom home.

Safe Room

Safe rooms, on the other hand, are tasked with the special job of “protecting”. These particular rooms can store valuable possessions and can keep families safe from natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes. Safe rooms usually have storage spaces that are stocked with emergency food and water, in case of emergencies. Whether or not you plan to live in an area hit by storms and earthquakes from time to time, a safe room is an excellent investment for handling unforeseen events.

Kitchen Herb Garden

If you’re not much of an outdoor garden kind of person, but you want your fruits, herbs, and vegetables fresh for cooking, you may want to consider having an herb garden in your kitchen. Indoor gardens are specially designed to keep your plants alive and well without the need to be exposed to sunlight.

Indoor Outdoor Pool

Do you feel like adding a pool to your custom home but you’re scared a little rain might ruin your pool days? Why not consider investing in an indoor-outdoor pool? This kind of pool has one part shaded and one part exposed to the sky, making it the perfect pool for most weathers.

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