Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane Preparation

September 26, 2017

Hurricanes are no stranger to South Florida, so in the midst of hurricane season, preparation is imperative. Marc Julien Homes understands the value of preserving such a special investment so below we have shared some of our hurricane preparation tips:

1. Surge Protection

The most common damage during a hurricane is loss of power. With that, however, come power surges that can severely damage electronics and appliances. Adding a surge protector to your electrical panel or using power strips that have built-in surge protectors can help preserve the functionality of your property.

2. Clean Out Gutters and Drains

Gutters and downspouts prevent water from accumulating around your home. During times of heavy rainfall- such as during a hurricane- having clear gutters is imperative to preventing flooding. If nothing is blocking the flow of water from your roof through the gutters, than water will fall away from your home rather than accumulate on your roof and risk flooding.

3. Remove or Secure Loose Objects

While outdoor furniture and barbecues make for memorable summer days, they can have a negative effect during hurricane season if precautions are not taken. Hurricanes can have wind speeds that can reach up to 180 mph and can undoubtedly cause outdoor objects to become airborne. We recommend moving all outdoor objects such as furniture, trash receptacles, and tools inside a garage or well-secured area to avoid being driven through glass windows or doors during a storm.

4. Ensure All Windows and Doors are Sealed

The most common cause of flooding during hurricanes is cracks in doors and windows that go unnoticed by homeowners. Constant motion of doors and windows can cause these seals to worsen overtime and result in flooding during times of high rainfall. Utilizing a property management service that routinely maintains doors and windows can significantly reduce the risk of damage from storms and secures the longevity of your home.

Check out for more information about personalized hurricane protection plans.


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